Tioman Cabana Village offers has a range of accommodation in Tioman Island, Malaysia offering something for everybody. Our Beach Lodge rooms are sea view rooms with private bathrooms and a beach balcony. These rooms are aimed at travellers on a midrange budget and perfect for couples or families on a short vacation. Our Budget Bed Lodge sleep four or two people in single beds have private bathrooms and a shared beach balcony.  These rooms are targeted more towards backpackers and bigger groups of travellers on a budget.  Also we do have and cool dormitory for an very budget travellers option.

For more information and/or bookings please email us at Tioman Cabana.  You can also look in our RATES & CHARGES for more of an idea of what our offer look like.

We want you to enjoy your stay as much as possible but please be aware that we are on the beach and next to the rainforest and so we do have mosquitos and sand flies as well as other insects found in tropical areas.  Whilst we will do our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible don’t say you weren’t warned if you find these in or around your room 😉

If you are looking for accommodation in Tioman Island, Malaysia and would like more information about our rooms or would like to make a booking then please email us.

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