Beach Walking – The Typical Tekek South Beach

The typical Tioman beach has semi-coarse golden brown sand and is flanked by coral reef break formations where colorful tropical fish congregate. The water transitions from a dark blue to a ‘greenish blue’ near the shore. The water is rarely crystal clear as kicked up sand, ocean debris (plankton, coral bits etc.) and sediments from streams reduce visibility. The beach and sand are clean and well maintained,

A light fragrant breeze blows over calm ocean waters in the morning. In the afternoon the trade winds pick up, turning the ocean choppy with small waves. If it’s a weekday the beach comfortably very quite and in evening beautiful sunset will accommodates.

The length from the starting point to the end will be not more than 30 min.

Snorkeling at House Reef – No.1 Protection Coral Reef Area in Tioman

The best thing about why snorkeling in Tioman Island is more preferred by tourists is that there are no restrictions and people who love the water can stay in there as long as they want. Pulau Tioman is a world known place for diving and snorkeling. You do not need heavy equipment or gear to snorkel and can easily stay put in the water as long as you want.

Due to a higher concentration of coral reefs mainly tourists and swimmers do not need to swim but the water currents carry them from one coral site to another so that gives everyone a chance to experience the water from up close and view all the marine life more closely. Most of the snorkel centers are sheltered from open water so it is great for kids and safe.

There is no danger of fast and high water currents and gives everyone a unique chance to experience nature first hand. You can take an hour long trip to the nearest snorkeling sites which involves nearby examination of marine life or there are half day trips to corals located near the island which are more preferred by the tourists visiting the place.

Grab the snorkelling set, fins and jump into the ocean swim and snorkel around 35 meters radius then you will see variation of tropical marine life.

Sea Kayaking – Exploring Experience

One of the most exhilarating ways to experience Tekek Village and Island of Tioman

The experience of sea kayaking in the humbling wilderness of Tekek Village or the Island of Tioman is guaranteed to stir your soul. Paddle between every bay, calm sea and great scene of the villagers or drift quietly as you watch wildlife unobtrusively, absorbing the majestic scenery.

Led by experienced guides, or paddling with your partners or friends   allowing easy and intimate access to beautiful coastlines.

‘Getting out amongst it’ is our philosophy, and that’s exactly what we do. Once we reach our destination, we aim to kayak at least once a day, weather depending. If the opportunity arises we may go out twice, as the 24-hour daylight allows for some beautiful evening paddles under the midnight sun.

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